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There are three differences between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets!

Time: 2021-03-18 View: 219

Seals, as a kind of material, can prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking between adjacent bonding surfaces and prevent foreign impurities such as dust and moisture from intruding into the interior of machinery and equipment. They are must be used in chemical production at present. The seals on the market are mainly four categories of sealants, packing seals, rubber seals, and mechanical seals, including the content introduced today-PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets. So, do you know what are the differences between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets?

The difference between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets is the material.

PTFE gaskets are flat gaskets, V-shaped gaskets, piston rings, ball valve gaskets, etc., which are mechanically turned or cut from PTFE rods, tubes, and plates by turning or molds. Silicone gaskets, It is a gasket made of silica gel.

The difference between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets, followed by performance characteristics.

PTFE gasket has many unique properties due to its material PTFE, including: excellent high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, self-lubricating and non-conductive characteristics.

Silicone gasket has the characteristics of silica gel because of its material silica gel. It not only has a beautiful and elegant appearance, but also has inevitable support, flexibility, dielectric strength, pressure test, heat resistance, cold resistance, stable chemical properties, and environmental protection safety. , No odor, it is a highly active green environmental protection product.

The difference between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets is also reflected in the use.

PTFE gaskets are widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, steel and other industries. The application medium includes almost all chemical components, such as water, oil, acid, and alkaline solutions.

Silicone gaskets are used in different industries and are widely used in plexiglass, glass crafts, display stands, home appliances, furniture products, hardware accessories, transparent plastic products, etc., such as household placemats, table mats, and strong adsorption The performance can prevent the pots and bowls from slipping, and at the same time play a role in heat insulation; it can be used as a conductive silica gel sheet for electronic semiconductors, because it has a certain electrostatic and conductive performance after adding a catalyst, and it is embedded with hardware sheets, conductive black particles and paint To achieve the sensing effect; silicone gaskets are usually used in industrial production equipment as buffer parts and standard parts for equipment work. They can have anti-slip, anti-vibration, anti-static, and heat-resistant effects, and can better maintain the equipment. Reduce loss, sturdy and durable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

Well, the above is the introduction about the difference between PTFE gaskets and silicone gaskets. In general, due to their different materials, their performance characteristics and applications are different. I hope everyone can distinguish clearly and use them correctly. Play its due role.

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